International ME Clinicians Workshop

The International ME Conference Week in May in London will have an additional event this year in which the European ME Clinicians Council will be playing a major role.

EMECC are chairing an International ME Clinicians Workshop.

The event is designed to create more understanding and promote better clinical practices for ME.

Working with USA advocate Mary Dimmock in USA, who with Dr Lucinda Bateman initiated the International ME Clinicians' workshop, EMECC will be discussing with the USA clinicians common issues such as clinical expertise, criteria, treatments, research etc.

The EMECC group came into being following the initiative in USA by Mary and Dr Bateman in setting up the USA Clinicians Coalition.

We hope this may lead to further such interactions and agreement on common standards and procedures.
Especially, we would hope that we can influence and support research and increase knowledge-sharing about ME.

An agenda is being formulated and clinicians will also be providing input to the two-day international BRMEC10 Research Colloquium that follows the workshop.
We need researchers and clinicians to work together using the same solid, agreed foundations on what ME is and what research needs to be performed.

Dr Bateman will also be speaking at the 15th International ME Conference on 30th May - click here

This unaugural meeting will be the prelude of a powerful force for good to influence healthcare agencies around the world - for the benefit of patients.